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How to Build a Garden Bench out of Yellawood!

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Tanco Lumber carries a full line of Yellawood Treated Lumber Products

Tanco Lumber carries a full line of Yellawood Treated Lumber Products

Spring is upon us and if you are anything like us you are itching to get out in the work shop and make something. We found this Yellawood how to project that we think you will enjoy. Remember with this project and any Do It Yourself project the experts at Tanco Lumber are here to help answer any questions you may have about lumber and Hardware.

We choose this sturdy garden bench, because it is simple to build you can have it completed in less than a day – including sanding and finishing. Made entirely from dimensional lumber and with only simple cuts and butt joints, you can build it on Saturday and be enjoying it Sunday morning.

We found the most complicated aspect of this bench is lying out and cutting the arms – and even that is a simple, straightforward task. In our instructions we show you how to  cut and sand a round arm profile, but feel free to play with the design and use a couple of 45-degree cuts to “round” the front of the arms…or whatever suits your tastes.

The typical build time for this garden bench project should be about 5-6 hours. The cutting of part will take you approximately 2 hours with an hour of assembly and 2-3 hours for finishing the raw wood. Tanco Lumber and Hardware in Forsyth and Branson West Missouri carry a full line of Yellowwood to get any outdoor project done.

First thing you want to do it make sure you have all the tools you will need for the project. You will need a Miter Saw either circular or hand saw, a jigsaw, drill/driver, 1/8 drill bit (you will want to pre-drill all holes for screws), 2 clamps a damp rag for wiping excess glue.

After you have made sure you have all your tools you will want to head down to Tanco Lumber and Hardware to pick up your supplies


6) 1 x 6 x 8′

(5) 2 x 4 x 8′

(1) 2 x 6 x 8′

2″ deck screws

2 ½” deck screws

3″ deck screws

Waterproof wood glue

Once you have all of your tools, lumber, and hardware you are ready to lay out the Garden Bench project. Click Here to see the detailed cut plans, assembly, and finishing of the Backyard garden bench. You can download the entire how to plan and instructional videos.

When your project is completed please upload a photo of your finished Garden Bench to our Facebook Page! We hope you enjoy the summer sipping tea or lemonade in your back yard.

Yellawood Garden Bench Project Completed

Yellawood Garden Bench Project Completed

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